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Momentum in Space

We are in various space. Breathe, jump, lie down, and walk. Spaces can be high or low, wide or narrow, long or short; and it shapes in circular or rectangular, or even formless. Space implies not only a room or gallery or hall, but also forest, river, mountains and ocean, everywhere we can reach. Every moments, we are related with space, as we sublime vitality from womb of mother and one day, become the handful of ash, as we find the eternal peace in a little pot. We are beings with many different spaces from birth to death, and take and give energy of space.

My body is also space. It moves sometimes lightly, sometimes heavily, as we generate own unique energy. This body, my space gets to know other body and space,

then to contact or conflict. We keep repeating the combination and separation, which at the end, creates the harmony of space.

<Momentum in Space> Workshop aims to find and recognize the own space from our body, and meet the harmony with others spaces. We will invite other spaces to ours and bring out as improvisational and choreographic movement.

Improvisation with YIN and YANG

& Eastern Floorwork Workshop

This intensive workshop is aiming to train in two different methods; Contemporary Martial art Improvisation and Floorwork. Hoyoung had trained the korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do. With a black belt, he combined poses into his improvisation movements. Not only Tae Kwon Do, but also found the steps and techniques from korean traditional dance to mix his own choreography. This method will enrich the movement from western grounded dancers and make having the consciousness and understanding eastern movement and philosophy. In this workshop, people are capable to experience eastern-western combined movement and the reach the point between traditional and contemporary movements.

Eastern Floorwork Combination

Improvisation in YIN & YANG

Intensive Workshop @ Seoul, 2018
Intensive Workshop @ Zürich, 2019
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