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an Invitation to my personal ritual, that will purge you with percussive Korean traditional instruments.

- Soundtrack for an interdisciplinary solo performance 'Euphoria' (2022)

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Green Wild

We are lost, we can't even remember our name.

- Soundtrack for a dance performance 'Green Wild' (2019)

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From single surface, enormously different emotions are sinking below. This is my reportage for each slide of emotions.

- Soundtrack for a dance performance 'La Lengua Metamórfica' (2017)

- Soundtrack for a dance performance 'Balanced Unstability' (2018)

- Soundtrack for a dance performance 'Ein bewegender Regenbogen' (2021)

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HUIS CLOS (KR_닫힌 방) written by Jean Paul Sartre

Directed by Soyoung Kim

3 people are locked in 1 room. They started to speak about theirselves.

- Soundtrack for '닫힌 방' (2015)

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